Notable Cases

Over the years, I have represented hundreds of people who have been charged with criminal offenses. Many of those cases have gone to trial and I have received “not guilty” verdicts in most of them. Countless others have been resolved through plea negotiation resulting in reduced charges or dismissals altogether. It is impossible to list all of the cases that I have handled, but the following cases represent the results that I strive for and obtain on a regular basis.


Case: My client was charged with reckless homicide when a simple fist fight resulted in death.

Result: After a trial lasting several days, a jury found my client “not guilty”.


Case: The client was one of 4 individuals indicted in a federal conspiracy to deliver cocaine. He was facing a potential sentence of life imprisonment.

Result: Of the other three co-conspirators, one was acquitted at trial, one received a sentence of 11 years and the other 20 years. My client’s case was dismissed.


Case: The client was accused of sexually assaulting his granddaughter. He was facing substantial prison time.

Result: After conducting a thorough investigation and filing numerous pre-trial motions, I was able to convince the District Attorney of my client’s innocence. The case was dismissed.


Case: My client, along with two others, was accused of delivering 2 kilograms of cocaine.

Result: The co-actors were both sentenced to prison. My client was found “not guilty” at trial.


Case: My client was charged with delivering drugs after police raided his house and found cocaine.

Result: I filed a motion with the court challenging the validity of the search warrant. The judge agreed that the warrant was not supported by probable cause. The case was dismissed.


Case: My client and his wife were charged with “Possession With Intent to Deliver Marijuana”. Police conducted a traffic stop and found approximately 1 pound of marijuana in the trunk.

Result: At trial, we argued that the marijuana was for personal use. The jury found my client guilty of only misdemeanor possession of marijuana.


Case: My client was accused of armed robbery. Witnesses claimed that he entered an apartment armed with a handgun, robbing the occupants of their money.

Result: The jury found my client “not guilty”.


Case: My client was charged with “Felon in Possession of Firearm”. Police conducted a traffic stop and found a revolver sitting on the passenger seat.

Result: A jury found my client “not guilty”.


Case: My client was charged with sexual assault. The complainant claimed that he held her prisoner in her own home and forced her to perform oral sex.

Result: The charges were amended to misdemeanors. The judge imposed a sentence of probation with no jail.


Case: My client was accused of sexually assaulting his juvenile cousin. The case was charged 15 years after the offense was alleged to have occurred.

Result: The prosecutor believed that the applicable statute of limitations did not bar the prosecution. After thorough research, I was able to demonstrate that the law, as it existed 15 years before, prohibited prosecution for the offense. Case dismissed.

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