White Collar Crime


White collar crime usually involves more than just one person, especially when bribery, embezzlement, or fraud is involved. As a result, it’s not uncommon for prosecutors to offer plea bargains in exchange for testimony against those they plan to prosecute to the full extent of the law. Under these circumstances, someone who is innocent or who unknowingly aided and abetted criminal activity can find themselves the target of a criminal investigation. At the law office of Robert Keller, I work with private investigators, forensic accountants, computer experts, and other professionals in defending those accused of committing white collar crimes.

I have the investigative resources and legal experience needed to challenge the prosecution’s case against you. To schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case, contact criminal defense lawyer Robert Keller today.

Charges involving White Collar Crime

My office counsels and represents individuals under investigation for and charged with the following kinds of white collar crime:

  • Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Bank fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Embezzlement
  • Insider trading
  • Credit card fraud
  • Antitrust violations
  • Telemarketing fraud

Evaluating the Evidence Against You

While every case is different, evaluating the paper trail involved in your case is critical — especially if others are involved. Banking records, computer emails, even cell phone records can be used to determine when certain events and transactions took place. Just because you received an email or a check made out in your name does not mean anything unless the prosecution can prove knowledge and intent on your part. As your criminal defense lawyer, my team critically evaluates access to computers and bank accounts, evidence pointing to someone other than our client, and reasons for conflicting testimony.

What to do if You’re Currently under Investigation

If you haven’t been charged yet but are under investigation for a white collar crime, it’s essential that you consult an attorney before providing investigators with information. Too often, people make the mistake of thinking they can talk their way out of being arrested or charged with a crime. However, since you can’t be certain what police know and don’t know, talking to investigators could put you at considerable risk. Even if what you tell them is true, it could contradict information or statements collected from others. Not only could this result in a decision to arrest you, it could also be used against you later if your case goes to trial.

Protect Yourself and Your Rights

As a criminal defense attorney, I understand how the criminal court system works, how police and investigators operate, and the limitations prosecutors face when investigating white collar crime cases. As your lawyer, I will protect your rights, gathering evidence needed to undermine the prosecution’s claims against you.

For more information regarding white collar crime and your rights under the law, contact the law office of Robert Keller today.

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