Assault and Battery charges

Assault and Battery are crimes against the person. These offenses are fairly common and are often charged as crimes of Domestic Violence or Domestic Abuse.

Prosecutors will typically combine Assault and Battery charges with other crimes like:

  • Strangulation and Suffocation
  • Intimidation of a Witness
  • Intimidation of a Victim
  • Sexual Assault
  • Disorderly Conduct

How does assault and battery attorney Robert Keller defend a battery case?

Defenses to Assault and Battery Charges or other companion charges can take a variety of forms, depending on the facts presented.

Sometimes the most successful response to a Battery charge is a claim of self-defense. If one party interferes with the person of another, the other party can use reasonable force to stop the interference.

Alcohol is a common thread in these cases. If it can be proven that the complainant was
intoxicated, juries can often be convinced to reject claims that the complainant was the
victim of a crime.

Often, Assault and Battery cases are simply not provable due to conflicting witness
accounts or conflicting forms of physical evidence.

Assault and battery attorney Robert W. Keller, Racine and Kenosha Wisconsin

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Defend Your Gun Rights

Battery is commonly charged as a crime of Domestic Violence. Married couples or domestic partners who have physical altercations with each other might be charged with Battery. If the Battery charge is linked to one of Domestic Abuse, you could lose your right to possess a firearm.

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Felony battery

When a substantial injury results from a Battery, the crime becomes a felony. Substantial injuries include broken bones, stitches, a loss of consciousness or broken teeth. If these circumstances are present, the offense is treated differently and will be prosecuted in felony court. The stakes are much higher here because a person faces prison an if found guilty, will become a convicted felon.

Strangulation & suffocation

A Battery occurs whenever someone causes harm to another with the intent to cause harm. It can include grasping the throat of another. If a person reports that breathing became more difficult after being grabbed around the throat, prosecutors will include a charge of Strangulation and Suffocation. This offense is charged quite often when domestic disputes turn physical and become escalated.